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Monday, August 20, 2012

Glenora Wine Cellar Peach Spumante

If you're a frequent reader of my blog you know that as wine goes, I tend to prefer to the dryer reds. In the past I was fond of whites and Rieslings, but as these things go - it's simply where my tastes have taken me lately :). Today I want to talk about a sparkling wine i.e. a Spumante that the bunch of us had over the weekend. While I prefer a certain type of wine I can usually find something to appreciate in any competantly made beverage, and this Peach Spumante from Glenora Wine Cellars is no exception! :)

A bottle of Glenora Peach Spumante
This picture was taken on the metro north train, with me balancing the bottle on my knee!
So this weekend, we were on the train going down to the Yankees game. I wanted something that was tasty to drink the kind of light, and something that everyone would enjoy. I found my answer in Glenora's peach Spumante. My lady actually purchased this bottle, I believe last year. We have gotten a number of wines from Glenora Wine Cellars winery in the past. We can usually find something that we enjoy from them, whether we are seeing them at the Oswego Harborfest Festival, or the Hudson Valley Wine and food Festival.

Glenora's peach Spumante is a light, tasty, sweet and very effervescent with a nice light peach taste. This Spumante would be a nice alternative for someone who does not necessarily enjoy champagne usually. Our group contained myself and two ladies and everyone in the group enjoyed this Spumante very much.

She held this bottle of Peach Spumante for me before we drank it :)
Bubbly and not too sweet or dry, this Spumante is delicious!
One thing to note about this peach Spumante is that it's highly effervescent, or as you might say, carbonated. There is a small cage that you have to undo before opening the bottle. One must be very careful when opening the bottle, as it pops open with a very loud audible pop and it seems likely that the wine therein would go spraying everywhere if you're not very careful.

Glenora's peach Spumante is just another fantastic example of the delicious wine that New York State has to offer. While I generally am not a fan of effervescent alcoholic beverages in general, I found this to be delightfully tasty. It also satisfied the requirements that it tasted delicious and went down easy – after all, we were drinking this on the way down to a baseball game. While it wasn't the classiest thing in the world to be drinking carbonated alcoholic beverages out of Styrofoam cups on the train, it was absolutely enjoyable. Good times, good times!

While I don't have very many wines by Glenora, I do enjoy this peach Spumante. It's nice and sweet without being cloying or too syrupy. I for one cannot stand when drinks are too sweet or tracley, This peach Spumante was light bubbly and fantastic all around. Everyone in our group enjoyed it very much, and I think you will too. You should check out Glenora winery. They are at many wine shows all around New York State and you can also reach them on their website – just Google Glenora winery. They are located on Seneca Lake in the finger Lakes region of beautiful New York State. 

Sparkling Wine by Glenora Wine Cellars
Glenora, glad we picked this up!