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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eagle Crest Vineyards Semi-Dry Riesling - Delicious!

Eagle Crest Vineyards Semi-Dry Riesling
Semi-Dry Riesling.  Yum!
As I've said in the previous posts, me and my lady never leave a wine show without picking up at least a case of wine from Eagle Crest Vineyards of Conesus, NY.  We love their wines and are thrilled any time we can pick some of it up.  There are many great Wineries in the great state of New York, but this morning I'm going to be talking about one of Eagle Crest Vineyard's products - their 2010 Semi-dry Riesling.

Now, I'm not sure how recently Eagle Crest has been producing "Vintage wines" - This as you may or may not know means that the wine comes from a particular year / growing season; it's vintage.  The reason for putting the year on the bottle is that wine is an all natural product.  Depending on many factors, such as the land, the amount of rain the grapes get, and countless other factors, the grapes will taste slightly different year to year and this is borne out in the ultimate flavor of the wine.

A discussion of the myriad of factors that are responsible for wine tasting different year to year is beyond the scope of this page, and perhaps beyond the scope of this blog. For the inquiring reader, there is a wealth of information out there with respect to these various factors.

2010 Semi Dry Riesling from Eagle Crest Vineyards
All mine!  Just kidding, we'll share :)
Anyhow, the vintage we have here is the 2010.  And it is delicious.  Yesterday, when I was talking with my friend Cheri about it, we decided that we had to open and drink a bottle - for journalism of course! - so that I could write about it and let people know how tasty it is.  She loved the wine too - What's not to like? - and we both came to more or less the same conclusions on it.

Serving temperature was well chilled, and only got tastier as it warmed up.  Now neither of us are professional sommeliers, just lay people, but we both agree that the fragrance of the wine is floral and fresh.  We couldn't put our finger on just what flowers, but it smells very pleasant and flowery.  The taste, as noted, is semi-dry, which for me still tends towards the sweeter end of things.  There are none of the tannins that give a 'drying' feeling to the mouth as you might find in a red wine - instead, the sweetness is nicely tempered.  The flavor is fruity, one could say of melons and Cheri and I agreed that their were flavors of ripe pear too.  The finish was nice too.. after drinking it, we could still taste it for a short while.

Full disclosure - I did buy a case of this wine, because I thought it to be that good, and indeed, everyone I drink it with agrees with me.  All in all, another wonderful product from Eagle Crest Vineyards.  I can't wait to see what this Winery produces in the coming years..  they just keep getting better and better :)

Eagle Crest Vineyards Semi Dry Riesling 2010
The label to Eagle Crest Vineyards 2010 Semi-Dry Riesling
If you don't live in the greater New York area and would like to try one of their delicious wines, please contact them on their website:

Eagle Crest Vineyards

I hope you enjoyed reading about this wine even a small fraction of how much I enjoyed drinking it.  To wine, to life!

Thank you reading :)

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