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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Full Moon Restaurant Review - White Plains. NY

The place?  East Post road in White Plains, NY.  The music?  Modern Jazz.  The decor?  Entirely authentic and gorgeously appointed.  The food?  Pretty good.

Full Moon Restaurant menu with an elephant on it
This is the Menu at Full Moon Restaurant.  In two dimensions, you can't see that elephant is actually there!
Today we review a Thai restaurant.  Joy! :)  As you must know by now, the lady and I just love Thai food - see our reviews of Mana Thai in Mount Kisco, NY and Golden Buddha in Fishkill, NY for just a small taste of what we enjoy.  Today we were cruising around White Plains, NY and decided to stop by Full Moon Asian Thai to see what was what.

Dining room at Full Moon Asian Thai
The joint is classy.  Beautifully decorated, with a bar located towards the back.
The restaurant is cozy, seating approximately 50+ people in a long dining room.  One side has a long mirror and banquette seating, the other some larger sized tables.  The place is quite attractively appointed - there's artwork, both Thai and that of a broader Asian influence peppering the the entire restaurant, along with modern, nouvelle decorating taste.  The overall consensus is that it's lovely inside :)

A Glass of Thai iced tea with cute umbrella and mint leaf
Gotta have a thai iced tea.  This one done in style!

The waitstaff is rather friendly and attentive at Full Moon.  All of our food was brought in a reasonably prompt fashion while allowing us time to chit-chat :)

This Thai iced-tea was presented beautifully - the umbrella and the mint spring were nice touches.  Sometimes I feel like getting one of those iced teas but I  steal a taste of the lady's instead.  Creamy.

Shredded and fried taro.  Crispy!
I'm not sure of the name of this shredded Taro dish, but let me tell you, it's yummy!
This was a an appetizer special they had; it's fried, shredded taro. It was crispy outside, creamy inside, bits of peanut.  A sweet and sour sauce on top and around the plate make for a nice finishing touch.

Chicken satay with cucumber and satay sauce
This chicken satay was really well done, our favorite part of the meal!
For another appetizer, tried some of the Satay.. chicken with peanut and cucumber sauce.  These were pretty nicely done, the satay sauce was smooth and spicy and the cucumber sauce - well, the lady says she could have eaten a bowl of it by itself.  A positive endorsement to be sure!  The chicken itself was tender, juicy, a just a touch of char taste.

Plate of Kee Mow
Kee Mow.   Red peppers, basil, onions, pretty tasty.
The lady's entree was this Pad Kee Mow.  It was good, a "red" taste, tomato based as opposed to a fish sauce.  Savory, the chicken was nice and tender, good quality, even the mushrooms were enjoyed.  It was just the right size portion. Tomatoes, red peppers, basil, mushroom, onion, chicken, wide noodles, noms.  

skirt steak and broccoli
This is the Nuur Yang.  I ordered mine up medium, medium rare.  
This here is the Nuur Yang that I ordered - this was described as a 8oz flatiron steak with spicy Thai hot sauce.  The steak itself was competently cooked.  The Broccoli had reasonable texture as well.  There wasn't a specifically Thai flavor to it - so if you're in a group setting and you're the one person who doesn't like Thai, this would be a good choice for you.

thai spice tray
They made this spice tray for us.  Neat.  
The lady inquired as to if they had a spice tray, and they brought this out from the kitchen.  Four different sauces.  A cucumber sauce - the same as what came with the satay.  A fish sauce, spicy and vinegary, a chili paste, and hot and sweet sauce.

wooden box with elephants
Oh my, what could be inside of this lovely box ?
 There are unique little touches throughout the restaurant, right down to the way they serve you the check.  It arrives in this nifty little box.  The menus have hardcovers that resemble wood with a wooden elephant on them.  The garnish in the middle of my plate was.. a "carrot", made of carrots and parsley.  There were frescoes on the walls and statues around the restaurant, plus a section of movie memorabilia by the entrance. 

a flower fresco
This fresco is beautiful, I wanted to take it home!
All in all, the restaurant was attractively furnished, provided excellent service and had a creative menu including a few things that I've never had before - or never had quite made in that way.  
Thai statue
Neat Statue!
This statue is part of the lovely decor at Full Moon.  The bronze of the statue reflected and did not lend itself to an attractive picture.  Oh well, still a neat statue.

Lanterns at Full Moon Asian Thai Restaurant
These lanterns hanging from our side of the room were an interesting touch.
The lady thought that the lanterns were particularly attractive.

Full Moon Asian Thai is located at

124 East Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601

You can call them at 914.328.7555.

Hours are:
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday - Thursday: 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm
Sunday: 4:30pm to 9pm

Let us know how you enjoy!


  1. Looks amazing, I specially liked the different sauces. Places that provide a number of different sauces are generally delicious...sadly I don't have thai food where I'm from :)

  2. I love Thai food. The place looks gorgeous, although one thing I never understand about Thai places is they never seem to play Thai music. It's always either the most popular stuff at the moment for an average place, or some jazz for a snazzy place. Yet you go to an Indian or Chinese restaurant, and all you'll hear is the nation's best.
    Hopefully I'm not the only one to find that strange. xD

  3. I'll have to go here next time I'm in New York

  4. Dude this looks delicious. I really enjoy thai noodles.
    - azurikai

  5. i really should stop visiting your blog when im on diet :)
    looks amazingly delicious

  6. This looks simply delicious, living where I do, there is alot of Thai Chains, but never as extravagantly furnished as this!


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