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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tanjore Indian Restaurant in Fishkill, NY - Restaurant Review

Good day everyone :)  As you know, me and the lady both love ourselves some Indian food.  We make it ourselves, but every now and again, really whenever we have the chance, we enjoy going out to eat for some delicious Indian cuisine!  The lady has taken me a number of times to one particular Indian restaurant - Tanjore Indian Cuisine in Fishkill, NY.

Located in the corner of a strip mall right off of Route 52 in Fishkill, Tanjore is easy to drive by, but it would be a shame if you missed your chance to stop into this restaurant.  One of our Indian friends claims that Tanjore is the most "authentic" Indian restaurant in the area, and the lady will tell you that it's by far the best locally.  Let's take a look and see what we have here, shall we ?

The front of Tanjore Cuisine of India
Here it is, don't miss it!
We came in at around 8PM and were promptly seated.  The restaurant seats about 50 people.  There is also a pretty well stocked bar if you wish to procure an adult beverage for yourself.  Speaking of beverages, the lady ordered one of her favorite Indian drinks - the mango lassi.  It was sweet and wonderful and full of mango-y goodness, just as a lassi should be.  I had a small taste - not too shabby :)

A mango Lassi
This mango lassi was served in an attractive glass.  Drinkable yogurt never tasted so good!
A staple at Indian restaurants is the pappadum and chutneys they serve.  After ordering, the brought us out some pappadum to munch on, along with 3 tasty Indian chutneys - one onion chutney, one mint chutney, and one tamarind.  If you've been following my blog, you know that I have published recipes for these chutneys - while the formulation of these were unique to Tanjore, you can find the recipes for my mint chutney and tamarind chutney at the respective hotlinks in this sentence :)  Either way, the iterations that we enjoyed at Tanjore along with our pappadum were quite tasty.

A plate of pappadum and chutney
Pappadum along with mint chutney, onion chutney, and tamarind chutney.  A feast for the senses!
For appetizers, we got the vegetable samosas.  These are fried pockets of potatoes, peas, and spices.  Sounds pretty straightforward I'm sure, but they're very tasty and a staple on any Indian vegetable platter.

One order comes with 2 samosas.  Good thing it was just the two of us :)
Before we tore them asunder, we also snapped a picture of the inside of the samosas to give you an idea of what wonderment lays before you.  Warning: Explicit food picture ahead!

Inside of Samosa
Vegetable samosa - it's not just a carrier for the tamarind chutney!  It's its own tasty little beast!
As you regular readers might also remember, I love a good soup, so I just had to indulge myself and get a bowl of the Mulligatawny Soup.

Bowl of Mulligatawny soup
I love a nice bowl of soup - this Mulligatawny is a little bowl  of sunshine!
The Mulligatawny soup was very tasty - creamy, lentil based with a nice spice profile and a piece of lemon right in the soup to balance everything with a yummy citrus tang.  Well alright!  There was also some rice at the bottom of the bowl which is a nice touch.

On to the Entrees!

The lady ordered her favorite dish - the Marina Beach Chicken.  The menu describes this as pieces of chicken breast tempered with mustard seeds and red chilli in a coconut curry, and the description pretty much sums it up.  Whenever the lady goes to Tanjore, this is her go-to dish.  It's savory and surprising and just spicy enough to put a little hair on your chest.

Marina Beach Chicken from Tanjore Cuisine of India
Marina Beach Chicken with Basmati rice.  This is the lady's favorite!  
As for myself, I ordered the Baingan Bartha.  Whenever I go out for Indian, I try to order a traditional Indian dish to see how the restaurant interprets the dish.  This how I judge them.  In this case, Baingan Bartha is roasted eggplant with peas, herbs and spices.  They did it pretty well, I have to say - it was quite flavorful and enjoyable.  By this point in the meal, we were pretty full, so we wrapped up a good portion of each of our entrees to bring home.  They were were both delicious reheated :)

Baingan Bartha
Baingan Bartha along with Keema Nan!  Super tasty!
As you can see above, we also ordered Keema Nan - this is regular Nan (bread) with ground, spiced lamb.  Just delicious.  I highly recommend you try it.

On this trip, we didn't order any dessert because we were quite simply stuffed to the gills after all of this food and as mentioned, we both had to take home a doggy bag :)  This more or less concludes the meal, but before you leave, check out some of the lovely decor that we enjoyed while in Tanjore!

As you enter, you're greeted by some beautiful flowers floating in water.

Chrysanthemums floating in water
This bowl of Chrysanthemums welcomes you as you come in.  
 There is artwork all over the restaurant, including this piece that the lady liked very much.  It's attractive.  We took four pictures, but due to the mood lighting inside the restaurant, this is the only one that really came out well ;)

An Indian painting on the wall.
Beautiful Indian Artwork.

Above the bar area, there is what we believe to be a representation of Ganesh adorning the wall.

The Hindy deity of Ganesh
We believe this to be the deity of Ganesh

Finally, on your way out, (or perhaps on your way in), there is a cute little statuette - cover your eyes children, she's in the nude! - holding your typical Indian restaurant candy for you - sugar cubes, candied licorice pieces, and those seeds.. fennel seeds?  That have that same taste.  Always good for refreshing one's breath and palette after a tasty Indian meal :)

Indian Statuette offering candy
This Indian statuette is offering you some tasty candy :)
I hope you've enjoyed reading our review of Tanjore Cuisine of India.  Stop by and let us know what you think!

Tanjore Cuisine of India is located at

992 Main Street Plaza, Route 52
Fishkill, NY 12524

You can reach them by phone at 845-896-6659.


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  2. There's a lot to reply to here, but oh my goodness, an Indian, mango cocktail would be my idea of drink heaven. My jealousy is unending!

  3. Mango Lassi, best drinkable yogurt on the planet. Love me some indian food.


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