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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Grand Dad Whiskey - Bottled in Bond

Old Grand Dad Whiskey bottled in bond
Old Grand-dad Whiskey -
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Greetings my fellow Gourmands!  Today I wish to share with you a delicious whiskey that I have found which is also and incredible value.  This whiskey is Old Grand Dad whiskey, Bottled in bond.  There are a few iterations of Old Grand-Dad Whiskey - a regular 86 proof one (whiskey is usually bottled at 80 proof, which also means 40% alcohol by volume - this one is 43% alcohol), the "Bonded" version you see on this page which is 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume), and a 114 "Barrel Proof" one that you see every so often, containing 57% alcohol.

Old Grand Dad Whiskey features Basil Hayden on the label
That's Basil Hayden on the label
of old Grand-Dad Whiskey.
A legend!
Now while I've been a fan of Bourbon Whiskeys and really most Whiskey (and Whisky!) for quite some time, up until recently I wasn't sure exactly what the term "bonded" meant in reference to this  Bonded Old Grand Dad Whiskey.  Basically, it means you're getting a superior, higher quality product, but lets dig a little deeper.

Bonded Whiskey
As you can see, I've
drank a bit of the Old
Grand-Dad already :)
Bonded or "Bottled in Bond" means that the whiskey in question complies with certain federal laws with respect to the bottling and production of said spirit.  Specifically, the spirit in question (in this case, delicious whiskey) must be the product of one distillation season and one distiller at one distillery.  You cannot blend whiskeys from different seasons or distillers, and production must be at one single distillery.  

The fun continues.  Once the whiskey is produced, it must be aged in a federally bonded warehouse that is under U.S. government supervision for at least four years and bottled at 100 proof, which as we discussed earlier, means 50% alcohol by volume.  The point of all this stringency is to assure that the consumer knows what he is getting and that the whiskey is not being adulterated or messed with at any step in it's production.  It also showcases the skill of the producer.  It's kind of like a single malt scotch versus more blended offerings - if you blend the product, you can balance the product easier to obtain a specific flavor profile or cover up any off-flavors - but if you have one shot, one pure product, you have to do it right the first time.

Old Grand dad 100 proof whiskey
Bonded by Uncle Sam, you're
assured of a pure, unadulterated product.
This is what we have here with Old Grand-Dad Bonded Whiskey.  A deliciously quality bourbon whiskey that's gone through the steps and proved it's mettle - and proving once again that price does not always correlate with value.  This whiskey is far better than many others that cost twice as much, and indeed is a steal - I got the bottle you see for around $22 with tax, and it's a full liter, not a 750ml like most spirits.  As far as bang for the buck, being 50% alcohol by volume certainly doesn't hurt, although I don't drink spirits for inebriation.. well, that's not the only reason :)  I drink them because goodness gracious, they simply taste damn good!

And so now let's get to the meat of the question: How DOES this bright orange bottle taste?  Or more specifically, the liquor therein ?

The smell is wonderful.. you'll recognize the corn right away if you're familiar with whiskey but there's something else going on there too, almost a caramel like or maple fragrance.  It's divine to be sure.  The taste is very similar to the smell, except this bourbon is almost sweet - warm, more caramel and woody tasting.. similar to the maple in the fragrance but more like the barrels that the whiskey is aged in.  Basically, the taste is of sweet corn, caramel, with an underlying spice and complimented by the nice char from the barrel.  All in all, a delicious bourbon whiskey to sit back, relax and sip with some good friends for a good time.

100 proof Old Grand Dad Whiskey, bottled in Bond.  Bonded
Old Grand Dad 100
Proof Whiskey.  Awesome.
There IS an alcohol punch to this bourbon as would be expected by it's 100 proof contents, however it remains very smooth and palatable.  You could add an ice cube or a few drops of water to really bring out the flavor in this, or you could drink it neat.  I'm sure people will scream when I say this, but it also tastes delicious as a mixer when mixed with good old coca-cola - a sure slam dunk to be sure if you're serving people who just can't tolerate drinking straight whiskey.

For me though?  Pour me a few fingers in the snifter and let's relax and reminisce about old times.  Old Grand-dad Whiskey, Bottled in Bond, is a friendly reminder of the nicer times and people in life.  Enjoy it in good health my friends.

The orange label gets your attention, but the real magic is what lies inside of the bottle! :)

To your health! :)


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