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Monday, June 4, 2012

Eagle Crest Vineyards Dry Riesling - Tasty New York State Wine!

Bottle of Eagle Crest Vineyards Dry Riesling 2010
Eagle Crest Vineyards
Semi Dry Riesling 2010
In previous posts, I have discussed Eagle Crest Vineyards.  This is a winery making excellent New York State wine, at good prices.  As is my understanding, Eagle Crest Vineyards was set up in order to fund Oh-Neh-Dah winery which produces sacramental wine.  To me, this is quite nice.  Not only do I get to enjoy their delicious wines, but I'm also helping the production of religious sacrament.  Always a good thing :)

Previously we talked about Eagle Crest Vineyards' delicious Solar Flare late harvest wine, and their Semi-Dry Riesling.  Today I'd like to share a word or two about their "regular" or "dry" Riesling.  Eagle Crest has just started adding vintage years to their wines, which is my mind is a good thing.

Eagle Crest Vineyards Dry Riesling
The bottle is posing for us on the stump.
What pretty curves she has :)
The "vintage" of the wine refers to the year that that the wine produced.  You may have heard people speak in reference to wine, "so and so" was a good year.  Well, many factors affect how a wine will taste year to year, and by keeping each vintage separate you can taste the difference year to year.  Some wines taste more or less the same each year, while some can taste starkly different.  The vintage in question for this bottle that I am reviewing is the 2010 vintage, which you may or may not be able to see along the right side of the bottle in white lettering.

This Riesling is has tastes of citrus and stone... there's a general mineral taste to it.  Make no mistake, it's absolutely delicious - I'm just not an oenophile so it's hard for me to define it better than that.

2010 Dry Riesling from Eagle Crest Vineyards in Conesus, NY
Eagle Crest Vineyards 2010 Riesling.
The wine has a nice acidity to it which gives it a great mouth feel and also works well for when you eat it at a meal with something rich or fatty.  I find that this wine pairs really well well spicy foods, specifically Thai food (you know how much I like Thai!)  

Now, this is much dryer than the Semi Dry Riesling at 1% residual sugars, but it's not astringent like a dry red wine.  Dry reds have tannins from the grape leaves that makes give them their "drying" feeling in the mouth.  White wines, like this Riesling, are fermented without the skins and as such even though they aren't sweet, they don't have that same drying sensation that the red wines do.  This wine is suitable for people who don't usually like "dry" wine.

Picture of the 2010 Eagle Crest Vineyards Riesling
Eagle Crest Vineyards' Dry Riesling goes great with
Spicy or rich foods, Like Thai curries or rich soups!
The finish lasts quite a long time... that means that after you take a sip and have swallowed, the taste just stays with you.  Mmmmm.

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Eagle Crest Vineyards and their offerings.  They make a delicious wine and they sell it a fair price.  Of course at the shows, me and the lady usually buy their wine a case or more at a time - but when it's that good, hey, you want to stock up :)  The fact that they support a noble cause and that they're produced from wines from right here in lovely New York State is just icing on the cake.

Eagle Crest Vineyards 2010 Dry Riesling
The bottle is attractive, but the real magic lies within!
Grab yourself a bottle and try it for yourself - it's delicious!
I strongly recommend you try what New York Wine has to offer.  You can find out more about eagle crest vineyards at


OR if you're over 21 - which you'd better be, or it's time to close this window! - You can order their wines online at


I could be mistaken but I believe when you order from the website the price of the shipping is included.  If you're in the New York State area check out Eagle Crest Vineyards' schedule - they're always touring around the state and they're always happy to have you sample their delicious wares!

I hope you enjoyed reading.  Please let me know if you're lucky enough to try one of these wines - or hey, if you're local, stop on by and we can drink a bottle together - goodness knows I have enough to share!