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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Masoor Malka - Whole Masoor Dal. 7 Pounds of yummy red lentils!

In a previous blog post, I gave the recipe for Spicy Red Lentil Soup.  Now, may of us have seen or had lentil soup - it's a standard item, pretty popular here in America.  Indeed, I'm pretty sure that both Campbell and Progresso make their own versions of the soup.  But these soups are made with your "regular" brown lentil.  They're tasty and all - but what about the red lentil ?

A Seven pound bag full of Red lentils
This 7 pound bag of Red Lentils (Masoor Malka)
is packed with inexpensive, healthy nutrition!
Red lentils are smaller, do not require soaking (because they cook so fast), and possess a beautiful color.  Color is very important in the foods we eat, as it influences how things taste and how we expect them to taste.  Aesthetics while cooking is a whole other topic that one could write a book about - suffice it say, it's important how consumable items look.  A chunk of quality chocolate molded into the shape of dog feces, for instance, will go uneaten, no matter how good it smells :)

A pile of red lentils, also known as Masoor Malka or whole Masoor dal
These red lentils cook up quick and taste delicious!
As far as the taste of red lentils vs. your more regular brown ones?  Well, some say they are sweeter or more nutty tasting, which is somewhat true.  They turn to mush faster than regular lentils, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your application.  Truthfully, they taste more or less the same as "regular" brown lentils, but their beautiful color (yellowish when cooked) and ease of cooking means it's worth picking some up to cook with in addition to other types.

All lentils are incomplete proteins and should be combined with something, such as rice, in order to provide you the complete amino acid profile that you need to sustain your good health :)

As you can see in the first picture that I posted at the top, I was able to get a 7LB bag of these delicious lentils for just $8.99.  This makes about 70 1/4 servings of lentils - remember, they expand when they cook. So if you have a large appetite and manage to eat a full cup of cooked lentils as part of whatever you're making, that's 17.5 LARGE servings - costing 51cents per serving of healthy, high fiber and delicious carbs, fiber, and protein.

One cup of red lentils contains 60mg Sodium (4% DV), 108g Carbohydrates (36% DV), 28g Dietary Fiber (112% DV), 8g Sugars (20%), and 11g Protein (88% DV).  One cup also contains trace elements, vitamins, and minerals - including 60% DV of Iron :)

Try some red lentils - they're healthy, delicious, and very very affordable :)
Masoor Malka is good nutrition, even if you call them red lentils :)
Try some red lentils or Masoor malka as the Indians call them, today!
You won't be sorry that you did :)

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  1. I tried that when I went to the USA, I actually like every indian food