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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Merideth's mom's vegetable soup. Always delicious and filling - now you can make it too! :)

Soup ingredients - Dill, carrots, potatoes, onions, broccoli, and sweet peas
Dill, potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, celery,
sweet peas - soon, you will be delicious soup!
Alright, this is not my recipe.  I am lucky enough to have had this soup made for me on a number of occasions, and indeed I'm always thrilled when I come to see my lady and I find out that she's making this soup.  It's one of my favorite things that she makes and she was nice enough to share the recipe with me - so of course, I will now share this delicious recipe with you!

Merideth was so kind as write this one up herself, so without further commentary on my part, I present the recipe :)

Merideth’s Mom’s Vegetable Soup

2 qts cold water to start; add more as needed to cover other ingredients
Salt, pepper to taste
chopped dill
Chop the dill nice and fine, and add in the whole bunch!
One bunch each fresh parsley and dill
One pound lean ground beef
Two medium to large onions
Two to six carrots, to taste
Two or more celery stalks, to taste
Small to medium broccoli crown
Two to four potatoes, to taste
Small can each peas and corn
Two cans Campbell’s Tomato Soup

*Note the quantities of the vegetables.  More carrots and celery will make the soup sweeter, while more potatoes will make it brothier/starchier.  Mom made it with more potatoes (and she cut them bigger than I do), I make it with more celery and carrots.

There’s no set spacing between when you add in each of the vegetables; it’s all about how cooked you like them.  I find that the amount of time it takes to cut up each vegetable is the amount of time I find the previous additions cooked enough.

I’ve also made this soup substituting canned kidney beans for the beef.  Just rinse and add in after the potatoes.  You can add in other vegetables as well.  Other incarnations of this soup have seen cauliflower, green beans and parsnips.

vegetable soup on the stove
The pot of soup is cooking - soon it will be ready
I can't wait!
As water heats over medium to high heat, add salt, pepper, parsley and dill.  If fresh herbs are not available, add dried herbs in equal parts until water is covered completely.  Fresh herbs may be placed in whole to be taken out when done cooking or chopped up and kept in.

Crumble ground beef into soup, sizing chunks to taste.  Coarse chop onions and add in.

Peel carrots and slice into thin discs.  If you have a whole celery, use all of the tender center stalks, then add from leafiest outer stalks.  Cut into chunks no more than half an inch wide.

Chop broccoli to the size that suits you.  I do it so it’s downright crumbly, and I only use the florets.  If you want to add in the stalk, I would suggest cutting it small and adding it before the florets.

A bowl of vegetable soup
A bowl of the finished product - Merideth's mom's
vegetable soup.  I love having this any time of year.
Peel and dice potatoes anywhere from half inch to one in cubes.  At this time you can add in the canned items, and feel free to include the juice from the peas and corn.  Cook on medium high (covered will cook faster; uncovered will reduce the water) until all vegetables are to the desired tenderness.  Serve and enjoy!

Merideth made this for a friend's bridal shower the other day and I was lucky enough to be able to score a few bowls and help her with the preparation.  She also was nice enough to take some pictures as you see :)

Baxter the bunny
Baxter the bunny rabbit loves the dill and and parsley that are left over!
Love you Baxter!

The bunny, Baxter, says that he doesn't care much for the soup (his loss).. but he does enjoy eating the tasty carrot peels and pieces of dill and parsley stem that are left over from the preparation :)

Let me know how you like this delicious recipe - it's just the thing on a cold night, or really any time of year. So good.  I'm craving it right now...


  1. this soup looks so good! I love chunky soups with all the vegetable goodness :)

  2. We made this again within a week of the batch for the bridal shower (because we didn't get enough of it lol) and we used fresh parsley and a parsnip. Quite fantastic.

  3. Do you cook the ground beef before putting it in the soup?

  4. it sounds like a soup for a bunny. I have to try it one day:3